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If you know me, you know how I feel about living in Newmarket. It has everything to offer our family and it's truly a wonderful Town to call home.

When I was running for Ward 2 Councillor four years ago, I said I would listen to your concerns, value your input and fight hard for you on issues that are important to you, the community and the entire Town.

During the election, and during the last four years, I found that the following issues seem to be of paramount importance to residents:
~ Speeding and Traffic safety, including 'speed bumps', bike lanes, driver testing and driving instruction.
~ Protection and enhancement of our green spaces
~ Oversight of how tax dollars are spent
~ Better, and additional employment opportunities
~ Housing options those looking to enter the housing market as well as for seniors
~ An updated, improved library

By serving on our Town Council and in our Community, I believe I worked hard on these and other issues to help ensure that Newmarket continues to be a wonderful place in which to live, work and play. Along with my wife, Becky, our children, grandchildren and foster children, you can continue to count on me to be your family’s voice on Council.

Thank you for your vote four years ago, and I hope that you will consider showing me that same support and trust again this year!

Husband, father of five, grandfather of twelve, experienced Councillor, friendly neighbour, dog lover.

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